Blue Heron in flight

Friday, June 5, 2020

Send me a pic.

I suppose that we all have our favorite masks to present to the world, always have. Rich sharpie, poor guy who can't get out of his own way, damsel in distress, there are a billion possible variations.

We drove down to my cystoscopy appointment this morning and met a woman in the elevator. "Oh god," she said. "So nice to be with like minded people with similar plumage." She started talking about tripping in the old days and flashbacks and we all shared a laugh.

Each one of us had our masks on the entire time and I suppressed a chuckle. Are we really that typey and transparent? Is there a hippie glow?

I guess so.

Anyway I would like to segue into a thought I had. This would be a great time to take a selfie in your favorite mask and send it over for publication. azurebirdsatgmaildotcom This contagion stuff is not going to last forever you know and there really should be a record.

So send a pic for the blog. Not your prettiest mask necessarily but the one that you use most often, that has seemed to click for you. If and when I get enough of them I will publish. Anonymous is fine,  just let me know. Thanks.

To those of you scoring my medical condition at home, the news was not necessarily perfect but then again it never is. There is a polyp in a diverticulited tick in my bladder that looks suspicious. We are going in to get a little piece of it very soon for further inspection. Will let you know.


NYSTAN said...

on one of the first days of our lockdown, I learned that a local tailor was staying up all night to hand sew triple layered pure cotton masks that had a pocket inside for a PM 25 filter. Not fancy. This is one 'style/fashion' that does not appeal to my inner groove.....but the good news is, it matches my normal Canadian Tuxedo outfit... hope this transferred....you did not explain how one can add a photo....I will email you with the image if this does not open:

/Users/nystan/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/C/C86B30B4-C2C9-4F7E-9B3D-6239E4BEEC59_1_105_c.jpeg

Liz said...

Be sure to keep me informed about the bladder.