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Monday, June 15, 2020

Fallbrook Sourcebook Article

This is the nice article that ran in the Fallbrook Sourcebook last week. I scanned it this morning. Great picture of Leslie. A few very minor inaccuracies, the high school team usually kicked our butts, I was referring to the Main St. Cafe in the closing paragraph. But all in all I do like and appreciate it very much and want to thank Julie Reeder, Shane Gibson and Jeff Pack for the publicity, photos and great piece. If you click on it it should go full screen.


Jon Harwood said...

Now you are famous, may fortune follow along!

Jennifer said...

Love the image of you peeking around the corner...kinda like life sometimes. We peek around the corner and proceed with caution and an open heart and mind.

Bethany said...

Loved the photo and the article. We also learned new biographical facts!