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Monday, June 8, 2020

Sunday visit

Pala Mesa Nursery has lost its lease. I went over the other day and bought two palms at a fraction of the normal price, a 30" box brahea armata or Mexican blue of the clara variety and a windmill palm.

I have always wanted one of these claras. Supposedly a natural cross between armata and brandegeei. The tips weep a bit like a Livistona at maturity. When they get big they turn gray silver and gorgeous.

Anyway my friend and neighbor Todd came over to help me plant it. Honestly he did almost everything.

While we were admiring our work a shot literally came out of the heavens. The male hawk father landed on the top of my surviving redwood tree. Which was cool but even cooler was the fact that after two or three weeks of being missing, all three young juvenile hawks showed up following him.

Dad has been giving them flying lessons.

They flew right over Gavilan Mountain towards our house.

All light morph like papa and very small.

But totally exuberant to have their wings.

I called Leslie in the house and I called my friend and neighbor Stephanie.

Only two remained when she showed up.

The other two flew away.

I am so happy to see them again.

We have never had babies leave without staging before so it was an abrupt goodbye. Glad they decided to pay us a visit and let us know that they were okay and happy. All is good.

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Ken Seals said...

That's good news. Clearly, they love you :-)