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Monday, June 22, 2020

Covid 19 graph

We all have one, a good friend that maintains that Covid 19 is no worse than a bad flu. Terry D. just sent over this incredible graphic. Send it to the favorite corona virus denier in your life.

It shows the number of COVID-19 deaths relative to other diseases for the period from 1/1/20 - 5/24/20. It stops at 345,059 deaths at 5/24/20; of course deaths today are 36% higher at 469,378. No big deal, right?

By the way, Fallbrook is now up to 63  93 cases, we've had a real upswing the last couple days. It seems like only yesterday we were holding at 24. Over 130 cases per 100k now. But every day I get the same letter from Supervisor Jim Desmond, time to open this economy back up. Don't be a sissy.

San Diego records second straight day with 300 new covid cases.

Post script: I think the speed of the takeover is almost more startling than the numbers on the graph. Stan asked where was cancer? I checked, last worldwide mortality number I saw was about 9.5 million per year worldwide, would dwarf everything.

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