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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Getting it together

It was a good week. I finished the coursebook I was writing and submitted it after edit. Saw old friends. Bought a couple nice paintings. Finished putting birdbath #1 together. Two odd pieces that almost fit with enough epoxy. Sanded and painted my old peace pole. Weed whipped. Trimmed the datura. Had dinner with friends. Printed up some motocross shots for Todd. Joined the car wash, which allows me to drive through every day for a very low monthly fee. Instantly deleted a few nasty troll comments. I was featured in a great article in the Fallbrook Sourcebook and they stuck a great picture of Leslie in too. I will try to scan it soon and share it with you.

Tomorrow I get another covid test, which is mandatory s.o.p. for my biopsy later this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Guess I will just deal with whatever comes down the pike. Happy birthday to my older sister Barbara, a few days late.

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Kent said...

Thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed as well. Nice to hear you had a good week.