Friday, June 5, 2020

blast reader masks

Shirley Timberman
Is there a bank around?I need to make a....withdrawal. 

Victoria Roberts
Wilbur Norman
Jon Harwood
Julie H.

I serve on the Board of Directors for the Friends of Sabino Canyon, 
an organization which helps raise money for the US Forest Service
 to preserve, enhance, and protect this beautiful canyon in Tucson. 
 Here are the masks that the USFS have distributed which 
immediately turn you into Smokey The Bear  🐻.
I’ve already put out three fires inside our local grocery store with this on.

Terry DeWald

I took public transport yesterday to Port Chester, long story…..
from Metro North station at 125th St…..
pretty rare for me to take a self portrait……
part of the reason I took up photography was to ensure
I remained on the other side of the camera…
Same for playing the bass
so I didn’t have to get on to the dance floor…NYStan


Doug Garn
Brett Stokes

Jeff Myers


Bob and Carilyn
Don and Kim
Jeff O


Warren G.
Wild Bill Olson - I accidentally deleted this, sorry Bill!

Terry S. - Made in Tokyo by 
Mayu Akaba @PikaMayu on IG 
Triple layer Cotton Vintage Kimono
 and other Japanese cottons. With beautiful drawing. 

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Blue Heron said...

It is so nice to see all of your pictures! Keep them coming folks...