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Friday, January 7, 2022

Bird Buddy

Those of you that are into bird watching might be interested in this rather expensive but cool new contraption, the Bird Buddy.

Shawn sent me this video link from Thailand, alerting me to the new technology. I think I am going to get one as soon as they are available ordered one. The company is now taking pre-orders. I believe that initial delivery is set for June of this year. Comes in two color options.

The Bird Bunny is a smart bird feeder that recognized over 1000 species and sends the pics of new avian visitors to your phone.

This feeder was crowd funded on kickstarter by over 48k backers who have contributed over eleven million dollars.

It is not yet in final production, they are fine tuning the software, but I understand that it is getting really close.

It notifies you on the bird's arrival, organizes your species and keeps a history.

You can even order a nifty solar roof to keep it powered up and save on batteries.

At a little less than two hundred dollars I think the Bird Buddy is expensive but should be worth the money, at least to me.

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Shirley Timberman said...

I’m one of the Kickstarter supporters. I think it’s a cool idea.