Nocturnal battle

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hoop Dreams


I got a note from Kent this morning:

Check out the Union Tribune.

The cover picture in the print edition shows us both at the recent Aztec basketball win over Colorado State. I'm the large gent in the white jacket about six rows up. Kent is two seats away to my left.

Not wearing a mask at that moment in time but a triple vaccination required in order to even get in the door. So don't even start.

Kent has season tickets. I used to go with him a lot. Unfortunately for me his wife Heidi really has developed a liking for the game so I don't get a lot of invites anymore but am happy when I do. We are in front of the visitors section. Kent is very good at messing with their fans, in a nice way.

Go Aztecs. Thanks, Kent and Heidi! Have a great game tonight.

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