Blue Heron in flight

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sunrise through the garden

The Fallbrook sunsets and sunrises have been quite beautiful lately.

I have been really busy, Del Mar show starts this morning. So I only had time to snap this cell phone shot and the intensity only lasted for a few minutes. For how many thousands of years do you think hominids have marveled at sunrises?

Perhaps that first instance is the moment we became fully human.


Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

Beautiful shot. I think we became fully human as soon as we figured out how to take something from somebody without them realizing it. I mean not quite seriously. Conscious deception as what makes us human, or at least when it began.

Blue Heron said...

Now that's an interesting perspective Roy. Evolution started when the first hairless ape figured out how to successfully run a three card monte game.

Anonymous said...

I just like the trees an sunrise I must really be simple minded lol