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Monday, January 17, 2022


It is funny. 
I had no idea if this latest Del Mar Antique show would fire, deep down I was set for disaster. 

Reports from San Francisco, the show I missed last week, were mixed if not bad. 

I steeled myself and was frankly prepared for the worst. 

My thoughts were, if nothing else, provide a beautiful backdrop of paintings and be proud of what you brought. 

Let the chips fall and take your lumps like a man.

Lo and behold, the show was scary good, maybe the best ever for me at this locale. 

A couple great clients came through in a big way.

Ten paintings sold in the first hour, all substantial. 

While it slowed down a little, buying continued throughout the weekend, culminating in the largest monetary sale of my show in the last ten minutes.

I restocked every morning and am now faced with a new problem. 

All of my best merchandise is gone and how will I find great paintings again to replace them? Sold all my best stuff.

It actually is not easy finding good material right now and I don't want to press. Will see what the universe delivers. I did manage to find some wonderful things at the show to purchase.

But bye bye Braun, Fries, Bischoff, Orrin White, Sayre, Milholme, Hudson, Geerts and Koller. It was nice having you around and you will be missed. Thanks to all of my clients, my promoter and my fellow dealers. Hang in there, all, it can always get better.


shawnintland said...

So good to hear bro! Congrats! Hope you had time for a falafil w/Sharum?

Blue Heron said...

artichoke sandwich...

island guy said...

Great to hear. Curious about the age distribution of buyers. Mostly boomers or more of a mix?

Blue Heron said...

Honestly more boom...

Kent said...

Good to hear and a round on Robert.

Blue Heron said...

definitely, Kent.

Liz said...

I am so happy for you. I appreciate it when you do good. Is it possibly time to retire?

island guy said...

Speaking of which, are we going to get a review of a celebratory meal?

Rosemary said...

It was truly an amazing show. And, it is dealers like you that make my job a bit easier and we are Dolphin are so glad you did so well, as did many others. This show has taken a giant step forward.