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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Thanks a lot

 I sent this letter out to a few local friends this morning. It says it all in a nutshell.

I had an inconsiderate person coughing and sneezing next to me Friday morning at the coffee shop. I asked him if it was covid and he said no, but I believe he is antivax, anti mask and untested. 

I called him later that afternoon and asked him if he was sure he didn't have covid and he said that he was. He looked pretty head cold sick.

Yesterday I got the wet eye, runny nose, sneeze, slight sore throat thing. I feel much better today, pretty much back to normal, I am double vacced and boosted. I know omicron transmits really quickly but can symptoms come on this fast, in one day? 

My problem is that I have an antique show that starts Wednesday. I loaned my last home test to a friend that needed it a week ago. They are sold out in the stores. Even though it is only the third day tomorrow I want to take the test as soon as possible in case I have to cancel the show. I want to do the right, responsible, prudent thing and that means not transmitting the disease to loved ones or the general public in the oft chance that I am indeed infected.

Does any kind soul out there have a home test I can borrow with the promise to replace as soon as I can find another one? I am sending this letter to a bunch of my friends in Fallbrook in hopes of finding a test.

Thanks and stay safe,

Robert Sommers

(by the way, blog is still broken, hope it can be fixed) 

My friend and blog reader Jill C. thankfully came through with a kit. There were several offers from various people. Thanks, all! I will test tomorrow. I feel really good now and am keeping my fingers crossed that I am okay. Please stay safe and be considerate to your fellow humans. Don't hang around other people if you feel sick or are coughing and sneezing.


The Phantom Knows said...

That test better not come back as ‘pregnant’ or you have more issues than I thought.

Just trying to get your smile back Buddy

Anonymous said...

The coffee shop with the "no mask" sign is a place I no longer go. I miss my tuna on sour dough, but I'll live. Literally.