Blue Heron in flight

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wednesdays are for sunsets

I sent out a cell phone picture from our front yard to a few friends yesterday evening and got some really nice views back in response.

Lena sent these two over from Cardiff.

Someday all the power lines will be underground and she will be in heaven, view wise.

Dave offered this San Francisco shot from Pacific Heights.

Retha and Doug share the beautiful and gorgeously soft view of Vancouver Island from San Juan Island.

Thanks all!


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RoxAnn said...

It was phenomenal. A watercolored sky. And I love how the eastern sky is backlit. I wondered if the sunset would be similar up and down the west coast. I guess it can be.

Julie Hardesty said...

Absolutely stunning photos! Jim has been wanting to send you a photo for quite awhile now, but not sure how to accomplish that. Do tell. Great seeing you today! Thanks for stopping to say, "Hello".

Blue Heron said...

Just send them to my email address at azurebirds@gmail.com Thanks Julie.