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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Black bat lilies and other treasures

Shawn in Thailand is a masterful botanist. I got this note from him this morning:

After 10 years experimenting, we finally cracked germinating these. Black Bat lilies from seed are now blooming! Approaching 500 transplanted!

Congratulations, Shawn!

My pink spiked bromeliad balensae has a bunch of mature fruit on the ripened spike, does anybody want to germinate and try growing it? Shawn?

Lena sent over some pretty sunset pics from Cardiff.

Ray sent a picture of him recuperating with his puppy pal.

Pat in England offers the Grateful Dead Time Machine. Hopefully nothing post 1979.

I got this great photo from Doug in New York today with this note: I don't always read. But when I do, I read the blast.

A few more pics from Shawn:

My friend Nigel saw this bird down in Puerto Vallarta and asked me if I knew what it was.
I didn't but my expert says that it is indeed a Chachalaca. New one on me. 

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Ken Seals said...

Fascinating stuff. Thanks