Peregrine flight

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Monday muddle

I played hooky Monday afternoon and drove up to see the birds at SJWA. 

It was a very nice day, lots of water in the ponds, more ducks than I remember seeing for a while.

Like these buffleheads, always a treat. There were no eagles visible but plenty of other raptors present. I am not going to identify them for you because as long as you have been reading the blog, you should really know by now.

Even saw a great horned owl hiding in the brush. I made a stupid mistake and went hiking on my bad leg. Thought I was sufficiently healed and I was wrong. Pushed it too far and exacerbated whatever the hell is going on with my knee. Hurting and can hardly walk again. Damn.

Saw more yellow headed blackbirds than I can remember ever seeing in one place before, love them. 

And your standard red winged blackbirds too.

I saw a large flock of curlews near the Walker Ponds. About fifteen of them. Unusual. Perhaps it is a migration.

And all the normal cast of characters, stilts, white faced ibis, black phoebes egrets, mockingbirds, lot of birds showed up and said hi.

As the old raven once told me, "Until we meet again."

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Ken Seals said...

Really enjoyable set of great photos. Hope your knee is better soon.