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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tombstone Eyes

Covid has hit some people I know really hard recently, a friend lost his father in a very gruesome way which I will not retell. Lot of very careful people slipped and are now real sick. Some really close friends. The default on the right seems to be well everybody is going to get it sooner or later so why worry? Leave it in god's hands. Vaccine kills more people than the disease, crap like that. So much dis and misinformation out there. Truth is that an unvaccinated person is eleven times more likely to die from the disease than a vaccinated one. But people won't listen. Emergency rooms are full, doctors and nurses are stretched to their wit's end. I am so sick of hearing about comorbidities as if a person with health problems had the final dagger coming to him or her. Some stuff on the subject and a couple other things:

Eric Topol - Where do we stand with Omicron? Maureen Ferran - Corbevax vaccine might be a game changer. Debunking Covid lies at Fact check.com. Evangelical backlash? The Atlantic - Is old music killing new music?

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