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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

You just can't win

Man, I've been worried to death about global warming and now guess what I have to worry about? Yup. Global cooling. Damn. Wouldn't you know...

Earth's core is cooling at rates faster than previously thought, which could speed the planet's inevitable march toward uninhabitability millions or billions of years from now, researchers said this week.

Earth's interior has been gradually cooling for the entirety of its 4.5 billion-year existence — a generally helpful pattern as the planet evolved into its current green paradise, where humans have thrived for the past 200,000 or so years.

But don't worry. We still got plenty of time I think...

A 2013 projection by Andrew Rushby of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom pegged Earth's viability for life to be good for another 1.75 billion to 3.25 billion years, assuming there's no nuclear holocaust, rogue asteroid or other unforeseen disaster. 

Now if the cooling gets offset by the heating, we just may be able to equalize the temperature and sneak out of this mess and survive. Stay tuned.

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