Monday, January 3, 2022

Ramona Bird Count

I participated in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count in Ramona yesterday. It was a very strenuous day for me and I pushed it a little too far but I am okay. 

I didn't take a lot of good shots, couldn't lug around the heavy lens but I managed to get a couple and learn a lot, since my fellow birders were very experienced pros. There were four of us on this count.

Didn't get a lot of unusual stuff but did see a burrowing owl in one of the new structures that have been placed for them across from the Ramona grasslands. A little bit out of range.

Also saw two lovely ferruginous hawks but was not able to get a decent shot.

Did manage to see this pretty Northern Flicker crawling around the shadows of a pine.

Saw lots of Mountain bluebirds and they are always wonderful to enjoy!

Such a gorgeous hue of blue.

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Wicki said...

Wonderful health news Robert!