Sunday, September 2, 2018

Borein and more

Blackfoot Indian Chief - Edward Borein - ink on paper

I recently received a fabulous collection of works by Edward Borein and others.  I just sent a letter to clients out that I think I will reprint here:

As I recently wrote, I have been cataloguing a large haul that you may want to check out. Have one more Edward Borein to post after the drawing gets slightly adjusted in the frame and then it will all be up on my website..
Check them out here.

Borein was born in San Leandro, a real vaquero who became an artist. His work was loved by Charles Russell, who lauded him as possibly the greatest western artist, which might have been a dig on Remington, who he purportedly loathed. 
Borein knew the cowboy life intimately, having worked as a hand throughout the west. Early on in his artistic career he set up shop in New York City before eventually moving to Santa Barbara, where he hung his shingle for so many years until his passing in 1945.
I believe I read once that Borein had Parkinsons and his doctor instructed him to keep drawing to keep his hands and wrists supple and working properly. Can't find that citation now. Shoot.

I received  work by other great artists as well. Check out the Nick Eggenhoffer, a John Hampton, a Maynard Dixon ink sketch where a man unfortunately finds ants in his bedroll, the wonderful pieces by Olaf Wieghorst.
Rounding out the collection are a couple works by Sari Staggs , a Joe De Yong and a very nice head study by the great John Moyers.

Olaf Weighorst - watercolor
I recognize that not everybody loves this material as I do. If you are looking for anything in particular please let me know. We have a lot of inventory, in fact it is impossible to walk through the gallery right now but that is going to change very soon. Got a lovely Thomas Hill painting of Yosemite in on consignment and some quirkier urban stuff  in case that rocks your boat.

take care all!

Robert Sommers
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