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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


I saw these two conjoined headlines on Google News yesterday and had to chuckle.

Same day, hours apart. Both describing roughly the same event, but spinning it in two opposite directions. We all have these giant fish hooks in our mouths and are getting pulled around by our respective news silos, which have become totally weaponized and polarized.

Maxine Waters says that there will be hell to pay if Biden doesn't pick a black woman as V.P.. I hate this kind of identity politics, from left or right. What happened to best candidate, irrespective of color or gender?

Can you imagine me demanding a Jewish candidate? Would never think of such a thing, no matter our share of the population. So stupid. And racist. We had a black President. I think we can stop with thinking about racial quotas or payback at this point.

By the way, I am most impressed with Widmer and Duckworth. If Buttigieg was an option, he as well. But not Karen Bass, I am a centrist and her Cuban and communist serenade rubs me the wrong way. Kamala Harris protected Jerry Brown from disclosing the secret deals with the power companies in Poland. It is not about race with me but policy. Call me old fashioned. Omar scares me as much as Gohmert.

So now we have to open up the schools, college football, Sturgis and what else, no matter the consequences? We are just criminally stupid in this country. Why can New Zealand go a hundred days without a corona case, and other countries like South Korea and Vietnam have such a great handle on the virus and we in the United States suffer so terribly with both greatest numbers of confirmed cases and fatalities?

I will tell you why. Because we are so stupid and we are also under the reign of an emperor who is an imbecile. We demand the rights to kill our selves and each other under the guise of our rights and freedoms. And I am afraid that our push to open the schools is going to send many of our children prematurely to their graves. As I said, criminal.

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Anonymous said...

Harris - Perfect pick.
Widmer - Brewery in Portland, OR.