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Monday, August 24, 2020

Note from David in Phoenix

I’m at the DMV renewing my expired license. Lunatic comes in, won’t wear a mask. Came in looking for a fight. Finally left, but not without screaming, saying we’re all being lied to, the guy behind the desk isn’t American. Purposely screaming vulgarities at the top of his voice. I was poised to spring in to action but he left. I’m a little disappointed. He was fat. I could have taken him.


Sanoguy said...

You should have chased him down! Just think of the story you could have shared!

Anonymous said...

"Came in looking for a fight." To me that's a non-starter. Unless he was attacking someone who needed protection, I'd mind my own business. I'm sure it shook up many folks. Best not to get hurt/arrested.