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Friday, August 28, 2020

Smart wife

Lot of bad news going around this week. I have a friend who didn't get checked up soon enough, with the same type of cancer I had, he just lost his bladder and prostate and he's not eating. Doctor worried about sepsis.

Leslie passed a kidney stone last week.

Another friend's house blew up the day before yesterday, lost a fortune of paintings and antiques. Luckily, he and his wife escaped unharmed. The cause was a gas leak.

Yesterday a man I did not know was taking a leisurely walk in Valley Center when a branch fell off of a eucalyptus tree and killed him instantly.

I mentioned the last thing to my wife this morning while she was reading at the breakfast table drinking her coffee and she said something that I thought was profound. And I didn't write it down so this is much less profound paraphrasing but it was something on the order of "When it is your turn there is just no getting out of the way."

True that.

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