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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Classic cuck

Jerry and his wife's "assistant"
This Falwell story is just too much. What's worse (or better) than the wife screwing the poolboy? And the good reverend wanting to sit there and watch?

How about she's shtupping another pool boy too? And he's down with that as well.

And now word that Jerry Jr. had an interest in a gay friendly hostel too? Methinks the good reverend might be a little kinky?

Interesting that Falwell jr. ran Liberty University with the most pious and brimstoney of hands, all the while privately living in his own sordid version of the Hellfire club.

You just couldn't make this stuff up.

 Becky Falwell
With all the pool side hanky panky you got to wonder how they had any time for soul saving?

My favorite part was when Jerry told Giancarlo not to tell his wife about the poolboy's own messing around because "she has feelings too, you know."

Lord obviously works in mysterious ways. But still it seems like the biggest assholes crash the hardest.


island guy said...

Republicans seem to have really big ‘closets’. I guess a walk in ‘Freudian’ closet is part of their American Dream. Could you write a post about hubris? I enjoy your research on such matters. Seems timely.

Jon Harwood said...

Hypocrites like this are hard to kill, like cockroaches. Hang on for a few years and some other scandal will break loose. The 10 million he was paid to go away can buy a lot of pool boys and lawyers. At least Trump can't pardon this one, this time.

Scott Bolhack, MD said...

And from CNN news today, some more fodder...
"Instead Falwell Jr. praised the pluck and moral flexibility of his grandfather, a bootlegger who delivered moonshine to Virginia hill-dwellers during Prohibition. Dismissive of organized religion, Carey Falwell died at age 55, with a hip flask in his pocket and an unsaved soul, his grandson said."