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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Monarchs of the Forest

Having ran test shots on the plates two weeks ago, Dixon and I pulled our first series of prints from the old printing blocks yesterday on the manual press. Many of you have inquired about the possibility of buying them and we are limiting our production to very small open editions.

We ran ten of the old car driving through the Wawona tree, four Monarchs of the forest and two of the Tunnel view shots yesterday afternoon.

If we sell these we will print a few from the other blocks. I am itching to have one of the pear pickers in the central valley pictures as I particularly love the artwork in that one and plan to color it up with Martin's dyes.

They are all pencil signed by the printer, Dixon Fish, and printed on very heavy and high quality French Arches 88 printmaking paper half and quarter sheets that you can cut and crop to your desired size.

We selected a dark but slightly sepia ink color for these views of pristine California.

The price of these prints is forty dollars a piece. I believe that seven are now spoken for out of this initial run so if you want one or a couple, please speak up now.

These are old blocks and some of the block height elevations are slightly irregular. Because of that these prints have an old timey, organic look to them that I find very pleasing. Not perfect but very nice. They will look beautiful framed.

Let me know.

Postscript: Nine of these prints are now spoken for. Dixon and I will be running the pear pickers print and one other yet to be decided some time this week. Let me know if you want a different one and we will do what we can.

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Ken Seals said...

Looks very nice. I hope you sell a bunch!