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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Hidden Treasures

I think that we Fallbrookians and downtown merchants tend to take certain things for granted. Our sidewalks are cleaned every day as if by magic, the trashcans are empty, the plants are watered?

How do these miracles occur on a daily basis?

Well, for one thing, through the long standing selflessness and dedication of people like Jackie Heynemann and Fallbrook Refuse. But also from the hardworking efforts of people like Tony, Andy and Mary here.

These fine people and outstanding citizens are connected with the Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop, which helps the developmentally disabled.

They work tirelessly keeping Fallbrook looking spic and span, I believe at no pay, correct me if I am wrong. And always with the best attitude and work ethic you have ever seen.

I talked to this particular crew the other day and thanked them. I literally don't know what we would do without them and am so appreciative of their efforts.

Next time you are cleaning out the attic and thinking about donating, consider helping these wonderful disabled youths.

Thank you Hidden Treasures! You truly are!


Still listening said...

These fine folks come from our relationship with Care-Rite Vocational Services in Fallbrook who value their partnerships that help their clients Grow & Excel. We love each of them and are so grateful their smiles and help

Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

They are fun people too. I take mom to the thrift shop all the time, and it’s the best slice of humanity I get to see all day…

Blue Heron said...

I agree with you, best attitudes in town.