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Monday, September 13, 2021

Highway 61 unhinged


Now they are calling on god to smite their enemies and vanquish their opposition. 

I think that god could use a new spokesperson or two. He or she is just not being very well served right now. Boebert is clearly unhinged as are Greene, an evolution denier and Lindell

Many of those that claim to be acting in god's service have been doing a really godawful job of late. Like Matthew Coleman, the Christian surf camp instructor in Santa Barbara who said that god directed him to kill his two children. Which he did. 

The Santa Barbara surfing community is a tight one, and the Christian surf community especially so. Calvary Chapel in Santa Barbara has held a surf ministry for years, which Coleman participated in, though he wasn’t a member of the congregation. Senior Pastor Tommy Schneider held a special call on the Wednesday after the murders were announced, giving his congregation time to talk about what they were feeling. He tried to comfort them and make sense of how a seemingly nice guy could go so wrong. 

“We’ve seen people get carried away by things like conspiracy,” Pastor Tommy said he told his congregation. “It can be dangerous, although I’m not sure what that means for Matthew … As Jesus said: Don’t be deceived; walk in love. This walk for Matthew obviously changed course; he lost his focus.”

The conspiracy Schneider spoke of refers to Coleman’s statements alleged in an FBI affidavit, in which Coleman acknowledged he’d killed his children. He told the special agent that he had received visions and signs influenced by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and that he had to kill his son and his daughter lest they develop into monsters due to their mother’s “serpent DNA.”

This is what happens when weak minded people get hooked on religion and religious conspiracy theories, they go insane and do horrific things. We have been getting a lot of similar nonsense in the last few years, from Pizzagate to the fake Sandy Hook garbage. Usually a biblical tie in somewhere.

Many of the whack jobs claim a divine inspiration for their evil actions and perfidy. If someone claims they have a direct line upstairs, my sincere advice to you is to run away, as quickly as possible.

And don't even think of mixing god and meth. That never works out. Don't be like the guy in Florida who recently whacked four people he did not know because, you guessed it, god told him to.

In an interview with deputies, the suspect described himself as "a survivalist" -- a term that generally refers to a person who proactively prepares for a post-apocalyptic world -- and confessed to being on methamphetamine, Judd said. 

The suspect's girlfriend told authorities that he had been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had been acting erratically in the past week, saying that he was receiving visions from God, according to the sheriff.

"She said he had PTSD. 'I've seen him depressed. I've never seen him violent,' she said," Judd said. "But a week ago today, meaning last Sunday, he did security at a church in Orlando. And he came home and he said, you know, God spoke to him and now he can talk directly to God. And she said, 'I've never seen that kind of behavior.'"

Or Lori Vallow, who believed that she was duty bound to kill her two children, because they had been turned into zombies.
"She was told by Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow that they held the religious belief that they were a part of the 'Church of the Firstborn' and that their mission in that Church was to lead the '144,000' mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They also stated their mission was to rid the world of 'zombies,'" according to the police document.
This brand of unhinged fundamentalism seems to be moving across cultures and geographical boundaries. But they all sound very much the same, irrespective of origin. And they all think they are talking to god.

If you know someone who is talking to god and believes that he or she is called to do terrible things in his name, I think it would be a very good idea to call the authorities and get them committed to a mental institution as quickly as possible. And don't give me Abraham and Isaac, I think ol' Abe was nuts too.

Why people kill in the name of godThe role of self-enhancement in religious aggression - Psychology Today 

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JeffN said...

My biggest and most painful arguments are with my deeply religious family members. They're (mostly) fine, but when I reveal that I think that religion is fundamentally evil - the source of most of humankind's problems - they're not happy.

It just seems so obvious to me - once you give up your ability to think and decide and give in to some religion's rules and myths, you've surrendered a lot of your agency. Maybe all of it. Every time I hear the phrase "god's will" I cringe.

Several solutions to this. (1) Education, education, education. (2) Remove tax exemptions for churches. (3) Get serious again about separation of church ad state (not likely with current congress-critters, but...gotta try).