Jelly, jelly so fine

Monday, September 27, 2021

Fallbrook wreck


I took this shot with my 55mm f 1.2 nikkor film lens
I had it modified so that it would work with modern digital cameras.
Do you notice the early ektachrome color cast to the image?

I went to a great party at Dr. Neon's house this weekend. Where I proceeded to put my foot in my mouth. Once again. Anyway, a great birthday, wonderful interesting folks, food and music. I am sitting at the bar and two women are sitting there on bar stools next to each other. One had a pretty modern and hip hair color and was sporting a rainbow watch band.

I am nothing if not tolerant and after hearing a bit about their life together I asked them if they were partners? Oops, nope, married hetero

The rainbow strap threw me. They laughed, said that they have worked together for many years and are best friends. Just liked the watchband. (I'm not gay but my watch is.)

But then she laughed again and said she did drive a Subaru. But no coexist 🌈 sticker. Very nice people, all good. Can't ever assume.


Sanoguy said...

You? Foot in mouth???

Debbie said...

What’s a guy to think? Rainbow is rainbow.


Linda Wilson said...

Good times... Thanks for the introduction to that clan