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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Say what?

Warmboe brought this one to my attention. While many have talked about the need for reparations to redress the evils and horror of our country's history of slavery, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has a different spin on who the real victims were.

How about reparations for slave owners?Seriously.

“When people talk about reparations, do they really want to have that conversation?” he asked. “Like it or not, slavery was legal. Their legal property was taken away from them after the Civil War, so you could make an argument that the people that are owed reparations are not only just Black people but also the people whose ‘property’ was taken away after the end of the Civil War.”

They are absolutely going to love this one down at the barber shop.


Anonymous said...

Typical Republican know-nothing bullshit, all the more shameful coming from a black voice.

In 1862 Congress funded loss of property compensation payments to slave owners loyal to the Union, up to $300 per slave. That’s about $8,125 per slave in today’s dollars.



The Phantom Knows said...

‘…down at the barber shop.’ Probably not the best end line considering the subject (and sensitivity) of race-based issues.