Nocturnal battle

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Rob's juicy tunes

This is one of my spotify stations, some folky songs popular once upon a time, some sort of obscure beatnik stuff and a few songs from people nobody or few have ever heard of. 

Listen if you feel like it, there is a chance you might like it.

One of the stations that I play in the background when I am working. I have made it collaborative so if you want to add to it or blow it up with polka music, feel free.


Linda Wilson said...

I'll add to my Spotify library... Thanks for sharing!

Linda Wilson said...

OMG... Judy Henske..... My party had her album. Hooka Tooka! I played that for my Dad when he was dying.

Blue Heron said...

I am a huge Henske fan, and not just because she mentions Fallbrook in a song!