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Monday, September 20, 2021

Masthead shot

This masthead photograph was taken on a trip Ken and I took to Utah a couple years back. It is a shot of the solar reflection plant in the Mojave. Two things to note about the shot; it was actually taken at four o'clock in the afternoon and I took it while shooting out the car window at seventy miles per hour.

I reduced the exposure so that the bright light from the solar towers could dominate the shot. I kind of like it and the black and white version is pretty nice too. Popped the color and vibrance and made it a bit more graphic for the masthead. I could pick it apart for some sniggling little reasons but why should I? Seems to work.

1 comment:

Ken Seals said...

It's great. We were going downhill in the Rav4, so it was more like 80 mph :-)