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Monday, September 20, 2021

Swap Meet Snaps

Long Beach Madonna

Leslie and I sold up at the Long Beach Flea Market yesterday. I had some things to deliver to people, Leslie needed to see a client and we figured, what the hell, might as well try to make a few bucks. It was really hot and I was baking, even under the tent.

I was in the booth selling all day, or trying to sell. 

Made a little money but mostly had fun. 

My ankle is still bothering me so I never got out to shop. Didn't want to further stress it by walking.

But I did have the opportunity at one point to finally get the camera out of the bag and snap a few pictures. 

The lady in the social distortion t-shirt on top holding the wooden baby presented me with my first imperative.

The camera called to me. Fetch, immediately. I did as I was told.

Wish I had started earlier, passed on some beautiful shots but oh well, always going to be a couple you miss.

Some of these people I have shot repeatedly over the years.

If you are a people person like me, or should I say a person who is interested in what makes humans tick, this is a perfect alembic.

these two are repeat offenders on the blog...
Long Beach is one of my favorite places to people watch. 

You get all the shapes and flavors imaginable. 

Tiring day but worth it for the fun, color and camaraderie.

White Mountain Apaches

I always ask first if I can take people's picture. Usually people are very positive. There were a lot more no thanks offered yesterday. No problem. 


The craziest thing I saw and I don't have a picture of it was the woman nursing her kid. It is one thing to nurse discreetly but this woman seemed to be making a political statement out of breastfeeding. She had a halter top on and was proudly lactating away, sticking her boob in our faces, metaphorically speaking anyway. Leslie said she might as well plop the other one out too she was being so overt. Very proud of her ability to nourish and wanted everyone to take note.

A couple ladies walked by talking about her performance and I joined the conversation. They remarked about how old the kid was. I said it wasn't her son, it was her husband. Everybody laughed. I guess she was trying to make a statement and she sure did.

We saw an awful lot of ink, as usual, but nothing can shock me anymore and it has all been done. 

One guy with full face tattoos definitely turned our heads but I mostly felt sad for him. Did not take a picture.

A lot of people comfortable in their own skins, just how I like them.

This woman was very beautiful.

The market is not just about buying and selling. It also gives certain sorts a place to let their freak flags fly.

I asked this nice fellow what would happen if we burned the patriarchy down and found out that the matriarchy was even worse? He said that in that case, we would have to burn them down too. I applaud his consistency.

That sucking sound you hear? It's the future...

Of course, some of the messages displayed were a bit more pessimistic in nature. I guess somebody has to balance out all the heady optimism.

Another day at the Long Beach Flea Market, safely in the books.


Anonymous said...

best photos good capture of humans lol

Ken Seals said...

What an awesome variety of humans. Very enjoyable photos.

Lena said...

Robert, you’re like the Bill Cunningham of the Long Beach swap meet… great photos!
( and the New York Times hasn’t been the same since he passed)

KAT JOY said...

Regarding the Long Beach Swap Meet images, it would be easier for me to select the ones I like least than the ones I like best. So many great shots. So much willingness and expression on the part of your subjects. What do you call them? Subject? Posers? Whatever. And, all those people feeling it, whatever they are feeling at that moment, in their own skin, while you take their picture, shot, photo, or swap meet portrait. Another photographer would not get the same result.

You are truly, in X32 (highest fast forward) speed, becoming one of my favorite photographers of people and birds, in my lifetime. They, your swap meet posers, most all had a grateful essence about the look in their eyes, or body language. I'm pretty sure when I get to live again, in a new body, you will be famously recognized and I will eventually get around to reading about you in a digital art or photography book or magazine. However, then, sometime in the future, being in a brand new body of the time (and mind - as we know of as of yet), I may not, but hope to get the connection, as do many modern day individuals are aware, even if they may not fully understand in a scientific or metaphysical way, comprehend the connection. The one that we are all one. (As one of my closest friends, who O.D.ed on imodium in 2019 (stay away from that crap), used to say, ) "Do you feel me Homie?" I'm pretty sure Leslie would.

I will email you the one shot I got of you a few months ago, via email in a few minutes.

Peace, Love, and JOY!