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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Coatl Coffee


taken with my new Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 ED AS IF NCS UMC Fisheye Lens for Nikon F Mount with AE Chip

There is a Saturday farmer's market on my block every week. It is a work in progress and was sort of a pain in the beginning but I have made my peace with it and it does bring folks downtown, which is a good thing.

I try to see who is out there selling and I met this new vendor today, Michael Contrestano, who works for Coatl Coffee. I guess that he was here last week too but I never saw him, he was in the next block.
Coatl is a small coffee operation, organic, non GMO, essentially fair trade, as its beans are largely grown on one of the founder's relative's farm in Chiapas.

The coffee is naturally grown and mold free.  He gave me a small shot of the cold brew with the oatmeal foam and another shot of the hot. 

I loved the coldbrew, usually never touch the stuff.

I am a Pete's Kenya double A guy and the hot was a touch acrid for my taste and not round enough but still really good. Brimming with pentacyclic diterpenes. 

I plan to try the other blends one day and see if they fit my flavor profile. With a vintner's articulation he said that the Ethiopian blend that I did ultimately purchase is fruit forward with notes of blackberry and blueberry. There is also a Sumatran sourced variety. I will let you know.

Being a graphics guy, I liked the design, logo and brand very much. 
The feathered serpent and a logo mantra, I am your energy, that sounds like it sprung from a rather hallucinatory woodshed session. Whole presentation is beautiful. Juan Carlos Beaz did a really nice job, from conception to fruition.

The founders are Dorian Escobar and Louis Elguera. The business is now online and in shops, they are currently looking for a cart and coffee shop location. You can visit their shop and roasting operation at 105 Copperwood Way Suite B, in Oceanside. Their phone number is 760-448-0033.

Michael took me through the natural process in which they prepare the beans, which is much more labor intensive than the non organic method. 

He guided me through the five stages it took for the brew to arrive in your cup, from the start to the brisk finish.

One of the cool things for me is that the coffee is officially designated bird friendly. From their website:

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has certified the farm in which our coffee grows as Bird-Friendly coffee. What this means is that there are over 100 different varieties of birds that are present on the finca in which our coffee grows. Including the famous Quetzal an elegant, exotic mystical creature. The large trees that shade the coffee plants provide perfect conditions not only for the coffee but for these wonderful creatures that sing and maintain the eco-system of our finca. 

The Bird Friendly gold standard has more to offer and protect than other traditional certifications. There is often parts of nature destroyed to make way for coffee growing. Bird Friendly coffees are grown on farms using a combination of natural shade, tree height, and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. As a brand our goal is to promote nature and connection which is why we are proud to serve Bird-Friendly coffee to our customers and donate a portion of our sales to the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. 

Coatl Coffee, give it a gulp! 


Wilbur Norman said...

Yep, it is always good to support those growers and manufacturers who are going the extra mile to see that their products do the least amount of damage to their (and our) environment, and then go further and provide habitat for the other creatures who share the planet with us.

Seems like a simple idea but not put into practice most of thge time.

Rokinon has really upped their game. With all the third party lens makers out there the competition is stiff, forcing companies to make better glass. Despite all of us looking for the best glass for the money, these days it is difficult to find lenses that do not do a good-to-great job - same for camera bodies: there are very few, if any, horrible cameras in today's market.

Still listening said...

Beautiful photos! I too like this brand.