Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Keep your power dry

Senator Susan Collins
The Kavanaugh hearings are a joke. The guy will get confirmed eventually.

Dems need to pick their battles, to stop the shrill cacophony and shouting. Save their breath. Thing is a done deal.

His confirmation is inevitable. The idea that Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski or even Joe Manchin will vote against this judge is ludicrous.

How many times has Susan Collins pretended to be a moderate only to swing around and dash expectations at the last moment?

Will Roe be overturned? Great question, who knows?

But America elected the orange one and now reaps what it has sown. Deserves what it gets. Rest assured the knocked up mistresses of our Congressmen won't have to rely on back alley abortions.

Elections have consequences. Republicans play dirty, don't think you can get down in the slop with them. Unfortunately the Merrick Garland fiasco sticks painfully in every liberal's craw. Blame Harry Reid or Biden if you want to. But on this front at least, they have a winning hand.

As good or bad as Kavanaugh turns out to be, I seriously doubt he will be as egregiously horrible as Alito or Thomas. Of course if he is only being confirmed in order to give Trump a get out of impeachment or indictment free card then all bets are off.

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