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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Amazing Spider Man faces mutant angst


I bought this page out of an estate sale recently, pretty cheaply actually. It is the work of Sal Buscema and Joe Rubinstein from 1985. I used to sell comic art in the 1970's, haven't had any overground stuff for a long time. I sent it to Heritage Auction, with two Snow White cells from 1937 that are scheduled to sell in December, depicting Happy and Sneezy.

They were not sure how this would do, Sal's work can go high or it can tank. This one is up to $450 $600 $1025 $1250 $1800 already with ten twelve thirteen fourteen bidders, with four one days until the actual live auction. One of the hottest pages in the pre-auction. I am very pleased. Hoping it takes off. Honestly I think the particular page is pretty cool. Spidey's friend is a bit too needy. I especially like the frog shadow in the third panel.

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