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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Another Jewish cowboy bites the dust

Well fuck, now Jerry Jeff Walker is gone too. 2020, keeps mowing the great ones down. Prine, Little Richard, Kobe, RBG, this has been one miserable year. Not to mention the 1,152,489 other poor souls who have lost their lives to the microbe globally.

I last saw Jerry Jeff I think at the Belly Up tavern. If memory serves correctly, he shared a bill with Emmy Lou Harris and Steve Goodman. Maybe Bromberg too. It was a long time ago.

I sat next to a woman at the show who grew up next to Jerry Jeff when he was known as Ronnie back in Oneanta, New York. He could sure pour on the shitkicker schtick like he was raised in Ozona.

I took a walk yesterday down at Los Jigueros Preserve with my friend Paul. 

Paul is a professional bass player, used to play with a lot of big national acts, including the Association and Gary Puckett. Retired from his technical job at Legoland last year.

Paul and I have two kidneys between us, having both undergone a similar scalpel treatment at some point in time, his very recently. 

His fared a little better than mine did, his guts aren't falling out.  Anyway we have both had our tsoris of late, needed a good walk.

He told me that he had a friend that refuses to set his clocks back for the upcoming daylight savings time, doesn't want to spend one extra hour in this awful covid ridden annum that he doesn't have to. I concur.

He is getting into photography again and I told him to meet me there with a camera. I brought my small lens so I didn't get any birds to speak of, although the hawks were plentiful overhead. We grabbed a couple of obligatory shots of flora and rusty metal instead.

The walk was much needed, you mask shamers should know that we started out that way, have both been recently tested and mind your own business.

We were out in nature and there was not a soul nearby. Thank you for your concern.

Once again, turn off your television and go take a walk somewhere. You're too riled up and it's not good for your lumbago.

I hope that I can get back out there with my buddy soon.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments; however, Ronald Clyde Crosby Jewish? I never got that memo. That being said I did particularly enjoy his music and vibe. After the listening to Jerry Jeff’s well known rowdy stuff look up Morning Song to Sally and Little Bird, among others.

Blue Heron said...

Pretty sure he was. Heard him play I knew a man Abramowitz once when he was drunk. His neighbor told me he was. You know different?

Kent said...

Time to renew your FLC membership.