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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Woke hairsplitting

I need to say at the outset that I have friends of all persuasions, red, blue, gay, straight and in between. Always have. And I think that the current kerfuffle over the term "sexual preference" is ridiculous. 

Talk about oversensitivity and moving the goalposts.

In the Barrett hearings, Hawaiian Sen. Maze Hirono derided the prospective justice's use of the term, saying that it implied that sexual orientation is a choice. Sorry, but haven't gay and bi people said for years that human sexuality was indeed a fluid choice and that humans were capable of all sorts of sexual relationships.

Is that out the window now? 

Sounds like people are looking for an excuse to feel aggrieved to me.  I fail to see the inherent negativity in the term and what the big deal is. Sounds clinical and innocuous. In my opinion, Judge Barrett had nothing to apologize for, at least on that front.

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Jon Harwood said...

If it is silliness you are looking for it is available for free in the Woke World. The exchange over Barrett's term is just the borderland of Wokeness. Seattle seems to be a headquarters for Work World and the fringe lefties do themselves proud inventing victims and concocting grievance from thin air. Seems as if there is some sort of Satanic version of the physics concept of entanglement in which lefties spin rapidly in circles to the left causing an immediate spin by Trumpistas in the exact reverse direction at the exact same speed. Rather like a clusterfu** perpetual motion machine.

There was group of current or former military officers who proposed a moderate Whig party to compete with the other two. I think I would sign up as a Whig in a New York Minute.