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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Time factor

There seems to be a lot of crap and bad science swirling around Covid. Or maybe I am just really dumb. One of the wealthy doyennes at the Bedminster Club's recent $250k fundraiser said that she would personally not get tested because she was only in close proximity to him for a moment.

Mike Pence was seated in front of the infected Mike Lee in the middle of the big covid infestation at the superspreader event for Amy Barrett in the Rose Garden. But not to worry, he isn't going to quarantine because some doofus scientist says the exposure has to be for at least fifteen minutes in order to catch the dreaded microbe. 

The President of the United States wants to start campaigning again Monday but assures everybody that he doesn't feel contagious. Now the experts say he will be shedding the virus for at least ten days and is most certainly contagious but you know, you have to trust this guy's gut feeling, don't you?

I am busy and I am not going to belabor this but it will not surprise me at all when they find out that Covid does not need fifteen minutes to infect anyone, that a second or two of direct exposure will be plainly sufficient.


A cattleman on dexamethasone.


And Pence's wife refuses to wear a mask.


A fly's perspective.

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Sharon said...

The fly's commentary was really fun...thanks.