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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday Report

 Not a lot to report today. Jim's Signs is working on the mural repaint for the third or fourth time.

Not a great idea to put murals on south facing surfaces in San Diego County. Jim got tired of fixing it, now Sean gets to take a crack at it.

Very appealing costume from the lady bigwig at the Fallbrook Food Pantry.

Bob DeGoff sends over the retirement strip for the great Tom Toles.


This is my hundredth blogpost this month. I usually don't pay attention to such things but if I had to bet I would say that I will probably break my previous yearly record of 1131 set in 2013. Or I might not, might get struck by a falling oak tree, who knows? Not a goal, not pushing it, will see how it shakes out.

Will sent this along. Blame him.

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