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Friday, October 23, 2020

Frank Zappa - Lost Interview

I find this interesting, especially his references to the man he calls the godfather of the Los Angeles freak scene, Vito. I had never heard of him until a very short while ago.
Not material but I once worked for Kim Fowley. For a night. He had a band named the puppies he was promoting at the La Paloma. Dave, Jeff and I were hired as security. We were in college and it was the punk heydey. 

Anyway the place was pretty empty but the show was ticketed. A guy walks in, goes to the bathroom and sticks a safety pin through his forehead. He came out and there was a lot of blood. He wants to go down to the front near the stage. I made him sit in the back, quite offended really and gave him a little lecture about not being an idiot and me sending a picture of his punim to his mother.

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