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Friday, October 9, 2020

Time out


I have been trying to be productive for two or three weeks and it just hasn't been working. 

As hard as I work, the things I need to do are just not getting accomplished, other things are jumping out and getting in the way.

I decided yesterday that I would try a new tact. I need to have a little fun, restore my work/play balance. 

Can't keep the pedal down all the time, my life doesn't work right and my efficiency goes to hell. Getting sick with the infection didn't help either.

I bugged out to the nature preserve yesterday afternoon. Haven't been there in a month. 

It wasn't epic by any means. It was a little hot and the camera was heavy, my body sluggish. 

But I managed to get my normal walk in and see some beautiful birds.

I don't have time to process the pictures, truth be told, I don't care what I captured. Will get to it when I can. and post a few for you.

It was a much needed break and I would be surprised if I don't get my groove back soon.

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