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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Deep Shade

I have a lot of respect for vote counters and election officials in our country. Red or blue, these people do their utmost to ensure the sanctity of the vote and overwhelmingly, they do a remarkably good job. Not to say that they never make a mistake but fortunately, it is exceedingly rare when they do. 

They are truly ground zero in our election system, two people at a table, from opposite political parties, working together to sort out and establish consensus respecting the true intentions of the cornerstone of our system of governance, the markings on an individual ballot.

And so it pains me to see the shade being purposefully thrown around about a supposedly "stolen" Presidential election. Republicans did remarkably well in this purported "blue wave" election, were the cheating electioneers content only to alter the votes for the presidency, the ones that maybe didn't go your way? Now with the exception of one or two GOP Senators, they are content to keep the President-elect in purgatory while they knowingly dissemble and stretch out the nonsense. This is unprecedented of course, but we have never had such a malignant person occupying the presidency before so we are breaking new ground here.

Biden will win the Presidency without the Georgia vote, or the late arriving votes from Pennsylvania, which were postmarked before the election but not delivered because of the havoc the President created at USPS, purposefully ridding them of sorting machines. The Republican led Pennsylvania legislature wouldn't even allow them to count absentee votes early like they do in most other states and now they have the audacity to whine about a late count?

Republicans are showing incredibly bad form and sowing maximum distrust by allowing this conspiracy crap to come down the pike from the White House, without a shred of evidence. They know it is bullshit and yet they are allowing it to permeate through the fetid cesspool of Trumpdom, filtering down to the most deranged minion. 

Today an anonymous executive branch source said that they didn't truly believe that there was any vote chicanery going on but that this route is the only way to give the narcissist in chief an exit that his ego will allow him to accept, the notion that he was unfairly robbed. That is truly sad. 

Alex Jones was at the Phoenix protest yesterday and I thought, great, these people are now listening to a pathological liar with a bullhorn who has tried to convince parents at Sandy Hook that their children were never actually murdered and that Dems were using pizza parlors as a front to drink christian babies' blood.

The whole futile exercise is so utterly trumpian really. Throw the most unfounded allegations at the wall, no matter if they have any bearing on reality or not and see if you can get anything to stick.

A pox on Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Kristi Noem and all the other enablers, sycophants and ass kissers who allow this evil pixie dust to be spread. They don't have an ethical bone left in their collective bodies. Their only hope is that the Supremes will deliver a hometown ruling for their petulant man child or that they can somehow convince state electors to break their moral oath with the voting public.

Shame on them.


Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

If there was time and room for cheating, we would have taken the senate — same pens, same ballots.

Jon Harwood said...

It seems remarkable to me that things are working out as well as they are. Outside of the large die hard Trumpist group the efforts at discrediting the election are not gaining traction. The election was conducted with such openness with lots of observers. It was clear that what we had was a lot of local civil servants doing the rather boring work that so many civil servants do. Besides the Republicans did so well in other elections that claiming the election was BS just undermines their own victorious candidates. There's large whooshing sound that is the air running out of the Trump Baby balloon.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to mention how absolutely lovely your photo of the birthday Egret is, it takes my breath away, and gives me a feeling of calm just to look at it.

Blue Heron said...

Thanks a lot. I appreciate that and am glad that you like it.

Blue Heron said...

Jon, there was an opinion by two law professors out there today that agreed with you. Said things are just fine, at least no rioting or civil war at this point. Law will do what it is designed to do.