Egret and crab

Friday, November 27, 2020

That creep was me

It was a slow day at the store for Leslie. I watched as the woman drove up in the nice blue BMW convertible. When she got out I thought I knew her, the wife of a friend, but there was no reaction back and I realized that I had once again been fooled by a similar shaped head and a mask, no big and a common error in these days of Covid. I watched her enter my wife's store, which is next to mine.

A few minutes later I walked into my wife's shop to tell her something and I got a very subtle go away hand signal. No problem. I scrammed.

Later I returned after the woman left, with package in tow. Leslie confided in me that the woman asked her if she saw the creepy guy outside. That creepy guy was me. I suppose Leslie could have said, "Yes I know, the guy, I sleep with him, in fact I am married to him" but she needed the sale. And I am a creep on occasion, let's face it.

So she said something akin to "No, he's not a creep. He's okay, he's a high end art dealer, he sells beautiful silver and high end paintings." She couldn't spill my identity because she needed the sale and didn't want to embarrass the lady. I took a quick personal inventory. Homemade haircut, not professional but not in any means terrible. Woolrich pendleton with Anthony Cullins/Brett Stokes t-shirt below a la Jimi Hendrix. Blue jeans might have been a little stale. Mask could certainly have used a washing. Aging hippie gone to seed. But a creep? Who knows? Maybe I just had that deranged look.

Sorry to scare off the paying customers in any case. You might want to hide the children.


Valerie Tate said...

LMAO...sorry, this is so funny! To those who know you, it couldn't be further from the truth! Nothing creepy about you...some people are such poor judges of character, but then I know that I am prejudiced!

Liz said...

Hmmm, I remember when you were creepy,but it was over 50 years ago. Btw, I met a woman in her late 20's today whose mother could have been A delle and who could have been me in my early 30's. Weird to look into a mirror. Mg introduced us because he thought we are so much alike