Egret and crab

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mystery Train - The Band

Had a crazy dream the other night. Was playing on stage in a bar with Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson. Upstate New York. The floor of the bar was called big pink. We played three very tight numbers and it was quite fabulous. Very thick and dense. Everybody happy. When this band was on there was no one better. Miss them all very much but especially Rick. Was such a treat when I got to see him solo. Of course Robbie and Garth are still around. Hank and I went to see Rick one night at the Golden Bear I think. We had seen him do a song about a Vietnam guy two nights earlier when he broke it out. He announced it in Huntington Beach and we clapped and then he said that he had never played it before and started goofing on us. But we had seen it. Dumb the things you remember. And dream. But wouldn't mind having it again, seeing them one more time.


Ken Seals said...

Vocals or an instrument?

Blue Heron said...

I think more like a roadie...