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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Michael Cohen chimes in.

Some interesting thoughts from the President's ex lawyer at HuffPo:

“He’s going to say for the next 30 years that they stole the election from me. ‘I’m the rightful president.’ He’s going to keep his MAGA army active and engaged and constantly blow this dog whistle and be a menace.”

Cohen was asked about Trump’s new leadership political action committee, “Save America,” formed in the wake of major news outlets calling Biden as the winner of the election. The Trump campaign has been asking supporters for donations to fight the results of the election, but The New York Times reported that the fine print reveals that 60% of that fundraising is now being directed to the new PAC, which will help him to fund his post-presidency activities. 

“The reason he’s doing it is because he has no income,” Cohen said. “And you would see that if he would turn over his tax returns.”

“He doesn’t have ‘The Apprentice’ making $65 million a year,” he continued. “Most of his assets are underperforming. ... the few that he has doesn’t cover the big cost. So he’s going to use this like the Trump Foundation, as a slush fund.” “It’s all a lie, 99.9% of everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He’s not going to stay in the White House past Jan. 20. They will remove him. He knows that,” Cohen said.

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Maybe we can pay him to leave?