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Thursday, November 5, 2020

I read the news today oh boy...

What the hell is with the orange face thing anyway? Kabuki?

Counties With Worst COVID-19 Surges Overwhelmingly
Voted For Trump.

Smiting democratic demons for Trump. I'll have what she's having...

U.S. sets new daily Covid record.

Thursday saw at least 118,629 new cases nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. There were at least 1,187 reported deaths, a near 20% increase from the same day last week.
As the US continues to shatter daily case records, so too do states across the nation: Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin are among those that set new daily records for infections on Thursday.

Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway thinks it is inappropriate for the Biden camp to predict victory until the last vote is counted. Which is exactly what the President claimed Wednesday night.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the link appended below. I can’t say I’m greatly whelmed by David Pakman, but good on him anyway. And I can say that I’m not sorry I watched this presentation, but it is one more thing that I won’t be able to unsee for a long time.

Regarding the broadcast clips of televangelist Paula White, chair of the Trump administration’s evangelical advisory board (I looked it up), who spake in tongues on her own broadcast to protect Donald Trump from satanic demons attacking his reelection, I honor her right to speak her truth and accept that she is also an expression of the divine.

That said, her effort recalled to me something very, umm, direct that my Wyoming-raised father used to say:

“It was like watching a pug dog trying to fuck a football. I didn’t want to be caught staring but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.”