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Friday, November 6, 2020

Eight handed


Lena told me to watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix quite some time ago. Not sure why I waited so long.

It is a truly remarkable and beautifully filmed documentary.

You will never think of this amazing species the same way again. I will definitely never eat one again.

I lived in Greece with a fisherman for a short time in the 1970's on the Island of Ios in the Cyclades.

I went out with them fishing one night and watched them kill an octopus trapped in their net. They bit the eye. The octopus let out the most blood curdling sound I have ever heard. I still feel terrible for what I witnessed and doubly so now.

I had no idea they are such an intelligent and incredible species. Highly evolved, almost beyond reckoning. I learned a lot.

"What she taught me was that you are a part of this place and not a visitor. That is a huge difference."


shawnintland said...

Okay, now that you finally watched it, you have to watch this one;
My Kreepy Teacher

Anonymous said...

It really is a wonderful documentary. Such beautiful and intelligent beings.