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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Flying the coop

As if they haven't done enough to ruin the environment and give industrial despoilers carte blanche, in a last minute gift the Trump administration won't require polluters to guarantee funding for toxic waste cleanup.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is declining to require oil and gas, coal, chemical and mining companies to have insurance to cover major spills and accidents. So Trump's cronies can skate free, as free as Michael Flynn.

“EPA has found that existing environmental regulations and modern industry practices are sufficient to mitigate any risks inherent in these industries,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a release announcing the rule, adding that “the financial risks from facilities in these industries are addressed by existing state and federal requirements.”

Do you know how many times the American taxpaying public have been left holding the bag and having to clean up after these assholes?

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Anonymous said...

More of that behoved right-wing "privatize the gain, socialize the loss" strategy.