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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Step up your game.

I called Lena today and she asked me why I hadn't started pitching the Blue Heron Blast reader's best of the year photo challenge. And you know what, the truth is that it completely slipped my mind.  But there is still plenty of time. If my math is correct this will be our thirteenth year.

I know the dreaded year 2020 was as cockamamie as it gets. Lena has a word for it that I am not yet at liberty to share. But as Hunter Thompson once said, "when the going gets weird the weird turn pro." Send me a shot that has meaning for you, or no meaning, maybe it is pretty, perhaps it shows your rapier like wit, or maybe it just looks good over the couch, frankly I don't give a damn. Send me something and I will put it up there. As always, a painting is fine too, whatever the hell you want to do. 

I'll even take a poem, but only in iambic pentameter. 

By the way, you guys are slipping at this. You used to take it seriously and send me great shit, lately honestly, you've been just a little bit lame. I don't care if they are technically good but it will be helpful if they say something. Seriously, a surfeit of technical brilliance will be penalized and cell phone shots are just fine. Honestly, they make my shots look better.

Time to represent. And if you're going to send me a sunset it better look pretty freaking amazing, like the dawn of time or armageddon or something like that or you will get the hook, plain and simple. Just warning you. 

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Jon Harwood said...

I am working on my masterpiece, "Sunrise over the Fallbrook Dump". It should be spectacular.