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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Jr. Walker

Although I missed a lot of great musicians including Janis, Jimi and the Doors, I am so lucky to have seen so many of the greats. Doc and Merle, Lightnin Hopkins, Howlin Wolf, too many to count.

And one of the greatest I ever saw was Junior Walker and the All Stars at the Belly Up Tavern. One of the greatest sax players the world has ever known, the show was epic. 

You can talk about Coltrane and Rollins, Hawkins and Young. The jazz guys get all the love. But I honesty think that Jr. and King Curtis could do the jazz thing in their sleep but I don't think the inverse is true, none of these other cats could blow R & B. My hardcore jazz friends will think me daft but that is what I truly believe.

So happy that I had a chance to catch him while he was alive.

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