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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

biff boff

Stage four cancer patient sentenced to four years in jail for buying edibles to self medicate. State legalizes the next day. * Baboons raise dogs as pets. * Hung jury for Scott Warren, who saved migrants from dying in the Sonoran desert. WWJD? * Stone age stoners in ancient China. * Migrant kids housed at ex Japanese internment camp. * Steinway and Sons airdropped pianos in World War II.* Roundup in your Cheerios. * Lets mine the land next to the Grand Canyon for Uranium and let the energy companies do it for free.* Seventeen years, no trial - indefinite detention and the Supreme Court.* David Bernhardt and Glenwood Springs mining.* New offerings from the Blue Heron Gallery. * Repubs join Dems in rebuking Trump on Saudi deal.* Key and Peele - Sex Detective.* Trump steamrolls GMO regs.* Trump signs executive order, curtails states' ability to block dirty energy projects.* Crime to oppose pipeline construction, even indirectly?* More on anti-protest bill, welcome to Beijing, USA.* Four woman convicted of giving thirsty migrants water.* Iman says beat your wife but don't leave any marks. It will remind her she misbehaved."

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