Strange cloud formation and dust storms over Death Valley

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

biff boff

Stage four cancer patient sentenced to four years in jail for buying edibles to self medicate. State legalizes the next day. * Baboons raise dogs as pets. * Hung jury for Scott Warren, who saved migrants from dying in the Sonoran desert. WWJD? * Stone age stoners in ancient China. * Migrant kids housed at ex Japanese internment camp. * Steinway and Sons airdropped pianos in World War II.* Roundup in your Cheerios. * Lets mine the land next to the Grand Canyon for Uranium and let the energy companies do it for free.* Seventeen years, no trial - indefinite detention and the Supreme Court.* David Bernhardt and Glenwood Springs mining.* New offerings from the Blue Heron Gallery. * Repubs join Dems in rebuking Trump on Saudi deal.* Key and Peele - Sex Detective.* Trump steamrolls GMO regs.* Trump signs executive order, curtails states' ability to block dirty energy projects.* Crime to oppose pipeline construction, even indirectly?* More on anti-protest bill, welcome to Beijing, USA.* Four woman convicted of giving thirsty migrants water.* Iman says beat your wife but don't leave any marks. It will remind her she misbehaved."

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