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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wednesday Mail Call

Hudgins sent this over. A Plan to Mine the Minnesota Wilderness Hit a Dead End. Then Trump Became President.

An old joke from Gary.

Manring sent this Dylan thing. Which made me think of an old favorite interview in Rolling Stone. I have started watching the Scorcese movie, haven't made it very far. Tedious. But all my pals love it.

Promising restaurant in Wildomar, Finch, going to try on Monday.

More from Hudg' - The Petulant Presidency.

Ricardo sent something over on a botched restoration job in Spain. I've seen worse.

Shawn offers a youtube video of what might be the world's greatest artist, which unfortunately gets destroyed by a stupid and awful ending.

And he sends another one too if you like Westerns. Our friend got bit by a kikuri snake in Thailand the other day but he is okay.

Kent and Lois both alerted me to the Caravaggio in the attic.

I found this one - German town bugs Nazis by buying up all their booze.

Kip sends over a funny new Hasseblad promo, designed to target a very specific demographic, the lover of old and new.

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